“Through most of history anonymous was a woman”

Barbed Wire Bikini

“Barbed Wire Bikini” What is a barbed wire bikini, in my eyes, it is trying to keep what I thought defined me as a Woman protected both mentally and physically.  Its clothing, make up, lack of make up, shoes, hair, words, attitude. It is perception and how one is perceived.  I like to play with this idea in my art, bringing in words about, at, for Women and match them with images that express Women or how Women are to be expressed by others.  Welcome to my web page, welcome to MY ART AND ITS BARBED WIRE BIKINI.

About Me

“Barbed Wire Bikini” is how Toronto artist Jennifer P. Nikitin (a.k.a jenikitin) refers to her art work. When questioned about this phrase she says she coined it when trying to explain the influence that Women’s/Human rights have on her art work. She mixes photos (old and new) with paint, markers and textile in order to express the facade that many of us wear in order to adjust and fit in to todays glam and pretence. Her technique makes the art often tactile, the desire to not only view it but also feel it and if you have trouble figuring out how to feel, her in your face words somewhere on the piece will guide you to feel something. Influences are the granular wear of an old photo taken in the late 1800’s, with Frida’s desire to be her own muse and the idea that David Walker may walk by with a flash of colour. This is Jennifer’s “Barbed Wire Bikini”




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